Ms. Bella Skincare

voice of customers

40s woman

I have dry skin, but I have moistness feeling after using this. Cleansing foam generating good bubbles and no tautness after cleansing. I feel that my face is brighter. The lotion and milk container are high-quality and easy to use because they are pumps. The moisturizing feeling is very good. The floral fragrance has a refreshing sensation, and is perfect for relaxing at night.

30s woman

I have a sensitive skin. But my skin has grown much smoother and brighter after using these products for 2 months AND I still have about a half of each of them remaining. 🧖🏼‍♀️
The products have light floral scent. 🌸
The cleansing foam is great for removing remains of makeup and it’s easy to wash off. The skin feels much more breathing and healthier after using it. 🌬
The set of moisturizers are perfect for winter dry skin. They help with the sensitivity and redness of the skin really well.
The products smells SOOO good. I love them!


We used 100% natural mineral water of Kurikoma-Kogen Japan for Ms. Bella skincare set.

For Foreign Customers